Newen Connect is a major player in the global distribution of audiovisual content. Its broad multi-genre catalog includes fiction, animation, documentaries and formats sold in over 130 territories worldwide, to the key players in every sector, from public and private TV networks to digital platforms.

Newen Connect brings together talents from all around the globe to offer high-quality, widely diversified content. Its involvement in pre-financing both European and international productions is growing substantially, bolstered by Newen’s internal network of partner producers such as Telfrance, 17 Juin, CAPA, Blue Spirit, Tuvalu, Pupkin, Nimbus De Mensen and Reel One, along with independent partners such as Denmark’s Nordisk Films, Spain’s Funwood Media, Cinétévé, Mascaret Films, Lincoln TV, and France’s Big Band Story.

Lead by Bibiane Godfroid, Newen, a division of the TF1 Group, is France’s leading audiovisual producer and distributor. The group is also working fast to expand its foothold in international markets.

For further information, please visit our websites or social media accounts:  newencontent.com and  @newencontent.