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From humble beginnings and an everyday life as a bus driver, François Gissy now propels himself to a new destiny, aiming to live passionately, gain renown and make every day an adventure by leading a truly epic life. Known as the “rocket man”, his all-consuming goal is to beat every single speed record in the world – and he’s ready to do anything to make his dreams come true. In this intimate and
emotional portrait, cameras follow his relentless struggle to achieve his dream, alone and against the odds. It reveals a highly intelligent yet often naïve man, simultaneously seeking a worldwide online audience while battling for recognition from his father. He had a taste of the life he’s seeking following a successful world record attempt in 2014. But, after a brutal return from hero to zero, he’s devoting all his energy to a new project: a propulsion tricycle.


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Nicolas Davenel, Vanessa Dumont


Nicolas Davenel, Vanessa Dumont


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