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France 4

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  • Kids

ASKIP is the only show about children in their early teens: no longer little kids, but not yet full-on teenagers either!

An enlightening window onto the off-beat and amusing lives of a group of young teens at François-Truffaut Middle School. A fake documentary packed with real stories that play on social networking codes, the series plunges viewers into our characters’ daily struggles and adventures, presented from multiple points of view.

Six girls (Efia, Jane, Rose, Lila, Lou, Océane) and six boys (Maxime, Jules, Clément, Lucas, Alex, Youcef), along with their friends and school staff, show us what it’s really like to be a middle schooler in 2020. A first-ever look at kids at a distinct and difficult age: between childhood and young adulthood.

Do you speak teen?


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Benoît Masocco, Gwendoline Rothkegel, Thomas Jaurand


Benoît Masocco


International Broadcasters

  • Okoo (France)
  • France 4


Capa Drama

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