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30-year-old Lisa’s fate takes a dramatic turn the day she settles down across the street from a mysterious uninhabited old house. She soon discovers that the police had found the body of a man in the house, who’d been lying there dead for more than 30 years. Lisa doesn’t know the man at all, and yet he put her in his will, leaving his strange house to her. A fascinated Lisa moves across the street, without any inkling of the mysteries that await her there. One night, awakened by anguished cries coming out of the walls, she decides to tear them down. She discovers another set of hallways and rooms behind the walls, along with a parallel world completely free of space and time continuums. There Lisa will meet Julian, a soldier who is her own age and yet from a completely different era. Julian gives Lisa tips on how to survive in this strange land haunted by grim creatures. They join forces to try and find their way back to the real world. They realize they have something in common: lingering guilt over the tragic death of a loved one, for which they were partially responsible. And it won’t be long before those loved ones pop back into their lives again…

A carefully stitched together mystery and top-notch fantasy thriller from the creators of Witnesses [LES TEMOINS]. An international cast led by Veerle Baetens (Best actress Magritte 2016 for My Men – Best actress European Film Awards and Tribeca Film Festival 2013 for The Broken Circle Breakdown) and Geraldine Chaplin (Doctor Zhivago, The Impossible, Sand Dollars) leads viewers on a thrill-packed adventure, into a world where old wounds never heal.

Lisa is a young speech therapist who moves into a townhouse she has mysteriously inherited. She becomes the hostage of hidden ever-shifting hallways and rooms.


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Hervé Hadmar


Hervé Hadmar, Marc Herpoux, Sylvie Chanteux


Veerle Baetens, Géraldine Chaplin, François Deblock

International Broadcasters

  • Europa Europa/AMC (Latin America)
  • Dark Channel / AMC (Spain, Portugal)
  • Shudder (US)
  • SBS (Australia)
  • Rialto (New Zealand)
  • Telenet (Benelux)
  • iTunes (France)


Lincoln TV

Financial partners

Scope Pictures, CNC, PROCIREP, ANGOA, Newen Distribution, Région Wallonne, Région Bruxelles Capitale

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