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  • Drama
    • Drama

CHRISTIAN lives in a “city-block” where he earns his living doing dirty work for LINO, the criminal boss of neighborhood. When stigmata appear on his hands, Christian finds physically impossible to carry out his work, but also discovers he has gained mysterious healing powers which, if used in the right way, would allow him to finally achieve a better life. With the help of RACHELE, his junkie neighbor he saved from a fatal overdose with his mysterious power, Christian prepares for a fight againstLino.

But MATTEO is tracking him down, a mysterious Vatican postulator in search of signs and confirmations of a miracle that changed his own life as a child, bringing him too close to a truth that could upset his life and that of the whole world.

Thug, sinner, saviour?


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Stefano Lodovichi & Roberto "Saku" Cinardo


Enrico Audenino, Valerio Cilio, Renato Sannio, Patrizia Dellea


Edoardo Pesce, Claudio Santamaria, Silvia D’Amico, Giordano De Plano, Antonio Bannò, Francesco Colella, Lina Sastri

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  • Sky Italia


Lucky Red

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