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In this entertaining, primetime “pop swap” format, two music stars who are worlds apart in age – and who have opposing musical styles – are challenged to create new hits based on each other’s work. A rap star host asks contemporary performers to cover iconic pop hits by major artists from every era and genre. At the same time, veteran pop stars will need to leave their comfort zones and make a musical connection with a modern – day hit that could be totally alien to them. Fun and thoroughly engaging, COVER ME has run for seven seasons in the Netherlands and has been adapted in six other European territories.

Its genius lies in its ability to profile every type of musical style, from R&B and dance to rock, punk, blues, and folk, demonstrating the creativity and versatility of leading musicians. And of course, every week, it successfully brings exclusive and unexpected performances into primetime.

Prime Time Music Entertainment Format


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International Broadcasters

  • NPO3 (Netherlands)
  • VOX (Germany)
  • RTL2 (Germany)
  • Channel 1 (Belgium)
  • SRF2 (Switzerland)
  • TV4 (Sweden)
  • RTP1 (Portugal)


Tuvalu Media

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