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Dancing reveals our true selves, helps us get closer to others, and sometimes, we even fall in love. In DANCEFLOOR DATE, contestants’ main weapon of seduction is their dancing abilities. Men and women take turns dancing behind walls, and the members of the opposite sex can only see their moving silhouettes. Soon, only three male contestants are left, and the remaining woman must choose between them by taking turns dancing with them, blindfolded. As she makes her final decision and selects her favorite, his identity is revealed. Time to find out if the chemistry is alive off the dancefloor as much as on it!

DANCEFLOOR DATE is an innovative format combining two winning concepts: the talent show and the dating show. At all time, viewers can see what the hidden dancers look like on their phones and tablets, making the reveal even more exciting!

We all fell in love on the dancefloor.


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