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As the world gets ready to celebrate her Platinum Jubilee, we take a fresh look at the remarkable life of Queen Elizabeth II, paying tribute to an icon who carries with her the memory of our modern world. The longest-serving British monarch, with 70 years on the throne, this is the story of a 25-year-old woman who wasn’t predestined to become Queen but accepted the responsibility. She has discreetly and successfully navigated through the decades with integrity and pride, ever faithful to her credo, “Never explain, never complain” – despite the increasingly painful challenges of recent years. However, despite her conservative nature, she is very much in tune with the issues of our time and is acutely aware of the monarchy’s vital need to evolve. Combining compelling archive footage, photographs, and new interviews from a wide range of contributors, including one of the Queen’s former private secretaries, this fast-paced documentary provides new insights into the life of this ordinary woman with an extraordinary destiny.

A tribute to a steadfast woman


Julie Robert


Julie Robert


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