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Do you share the frenzied concern that grips so many of us when we cruise the food aisles of our local supermarket? When did the act of eating become a source of such great anxiety? Food factories are bent on feeding us cheaply,
without short-term health risks, ofttimes with help from a new public health enemy: ultra-processed foods. Even more troubling, few people realize that many food multinationals are little more than assemblers that piece together food stuffs made by other food giants… who the general public knows nothing about! A close-up look at the murky world of the agri-food industry. We have no idea how it produces the food we eat, because, like Mary Shelley’s monster Frankenstein, our food has slipped out of its creator’s control.

Like Mary Shelley's monster Frankenstein, our food has slipped out of its creator's control.


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Martin Blanchard et Maud Gangler


Martin Blanchard et Maud Gangler


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