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  • Drama
    • Thriller / Adventure / Fantasy
    • Drama

Co-written by the renowned author Barbara Abel, FOR BETTER OR WORSE is a fast-paced, tense psychological thriller about a seemingly perfect family descending into hell. Agathe is a well-to-do housewife that many would envy; two children, an elegant house in Brussels and a handsome, funny husband, Fred, whose career as a brilliant geneticist takes him all over the world. However, behind this fl awless façade, Fred is controlling, manipulative and increasingly violent to his family. As things become progressively more nerve-wracking at home, Agathe also begins to doubt his fi delity on his business trips. She discovers that Fred is hiding a monstrous secret: he’s a serial killer taking advantage of his travels to murder women. Agathe embarks upon a high-pressure investigation within her own household and eventually realises that she’s trapped herself in a gilded cage. Clever, richly plotted, and consistently action-packed, FOR BETTER OR WORSE will keep viewers on the edge of their seats. It may even cause them to check underneath…

Behind closed doors


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Indra Siera


Barbara Abel, Sophia Perié, Gilles de Voghel


Laura Sepul, Lannick Gautry, Keane Simons, Félicien Chardome

International Broadcasters


Les Gens / De Mensen

Financial partners

RBTF (Belgium), TF1 (France)

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