Commissioning broadcaster

TF1 France

Program type

  • Kids
    • Animation
      • 5-9

From the producers of Droners, for TF1’ ratings-winning slot TFOU, comes IMAGO, a truly exciting new series that takes young viewers on a raft of brilliant adventures – and a journey of discovery – in a distinctive and vibrant new universe that includes the frozen Tamaj Mountains and the bustling Port of Sabab. An Imago is a mystical creature born when magic and a child’s imagination meet; sometimes cute, sometimes quirky, they have a range of incredible magical powers. They are as unique as every single child and serve as both companions and protectors to the children they befriend.

Weaving important themes together, such as friendship, teamwork and diversity, our series follow four children, each with their own very different Imago, as they embark on an epic quest to save their kingdom and defeat the evil Damballa. They face a wide range of challenges along the way, but these fantastic friends always manage to celebrate their differences and their strengths when they work together!

Save the kingdom with your own Imago!


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Gaelle Auton, Bill Otomo


Sylvain Dos Santos, Julien Magnat


International Broadcasters

  • TF1 France


La Chouette Cie, Reaz

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