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France 5

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On March 23rd of this year, the Syrian Democratic Forces announced they had retaken Baghouz and the Islamic State had fallen. 5,000 jihadists surrendered, along with 25,000 of their family members. Throngs of men, women and children overcome with hunger were defeated by the coalition bombing campaign. They included a large number of starving, haggard and dispirited French nationals. The other would-be jihadists are either dead or in jail. The imprisoned ones will be put on trial in Iraq, Syria or France, and the debate over their fate continues to rage.

From director Kamal Redouani (ISISLEAKS).

What exactly happened over the past 5 years in Syria?


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Kamal Redouani


Kamal Redouani


International Broadcasters

  • MBC Al-Arabiya (Middle East)
  • RTBF (Belgium)



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