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TF1 France

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Every thousand years, all the animals in the kingdom are allowed to challenge their king, with the goal of snatching the crown! There’s no escaping the law of the savanna. For one full year, every day is the big day for King Kikoumba, who must repeatedly defend his crown! 365 days, 365 challenges, 365 contenders who take on Kikoumba, the king of all that moves… and the king of snoozing! It’s going to be a very long year!

Crown down!


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Rémi Verrière, Nicolas Doray


Nathalie Mars, Virginie Boda, Caroline Oustlant, Laurent Crenn, Maud Garnier, David Robert, Vincent Detre, Jean-Louis Marco, Shawn Mahoney & Stève Balissat, , Max Mamoud & Georges Tzanos


International Broadcasters

  • Disney Channel (Germany)
  • All Media (Latvia)
  • DeAKids (Italy)
  • MBC3 (Middle East)
  • Wekids (China & Pan Asia)


TF1 Production

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