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As befitting its XXL title, this reality ob–doc format has been a huge hit in France, where it airs daily as the #1 show in its timeslot and has seen more than 200 episodes produced across three seasons. Featuring the exceptional daily lives of seven large families – some with nine children – it’s a warm and engaging look at the super-sized challenges that come from just schooling, feeding, and taking care of so many kids every day. And that’s before you factor in the major life events such as moving house, giving birth or getting married!

Featuring families with very different backgrounds and viewpoints – from religious or blended, to “green” and “hip” – it follows all the ups and down of their daily lives and allows viewers to share not only their extraordinary logistics, such as mammoth shopping expeditions, but also in the XXL love that’s always on display.

Everything is lived in bigger!


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  • TF1 (France)



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