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LIMBO, a comedy-drama with plenty of both, explores the very current topics of male suicide and mental health. Nate is happy-go-lucky, with a good job and a loving family. So, when he commits suicide, his best friend Charlie is hit by a wrecking ball of grief. But it turns out that the only thing harder than losing Nate is when he returns the next day as a ghost! Nate’s stuck in limbo and needs Charlie’s help in righting some wrongs before he can cross into the afterlife. As they embark on different adventures to undo these wrongs, and with fewer walls between them – mainly because Nate can now walk through them – their relationship grows stronger than ever. Charlie, meanwhile, sets out to unravel the reason behind Nate’s suicide and grows closer to his widow, Freya. Their bond becomes a source of guilt, but the real love story here is between Nate and Charlie. They couldn’t find a way to fully reveal themselves to each other in life, but when reunited after death they’ll finally be able to say to each other: “I love you, mate.”

Mates for life – and the afterlife


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Trent O’ D onnell


Lucas Taylor, Tamara Asmar


Ryan Corr, Bob Morley, Emma Harvie

International Broadcasters


Bunya Productions, Heiress Films

Financial partners

ABC (Australia)

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