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  • Drama
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      • Strong Emotional Drama
    • Drama

LIVING THE DREAM tells the stunning story of the tragically brief career and life of Gregory Lemarchal, whose angelic voice took Star Academy (X Factor) by storm.

December 2004. Paris. More than ten million viewers tune in live to watch Gregory Lemarchal win Star Academy, hypnotized by his incredible talent and courage.Spring 1985. Gregory’s parents find out their son has an incurable disease:  cystic fibrosis. In between, the story of a kid unlike any other, the story of a voice, an energy, a radiant soul fighting for every moment of his life. The story of Gregory, who would let nothing, not even a fatal disease, keep him from achieving his dream.

Nothing, not even a fatal disease, keep him from achieving his dream.


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Laurent Tuel


Nicolas Douay


Odile Vuillemin, Arnaud Ducret, Mickaël Lumière

International Broadcasters

  • TF1 (France)


Telfrance & Cie, Dmls TV

Financial partners


« Sous ton regard » et Leslie LEMARCHAL « Mon frère l’artiste », éditions Michel Lafon

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