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  • Dutch

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VRT, Arte

Program type

  • Drama
    • Drama

Samira Laroussa, a strong-hearted, half-Moroccan police woman, is missioned ten days after the terrorist attacks on the airport, to handle and return all baggage and personal belongings that were left behind in the departure hall that day. Every new encounter with a victim or relative will unbalance the seemingly strong Samira who is far from ready to deal with the pains of her own troubled past. Even so, she perseveres in helping everyone. In her blind determination, however, Samira forgets one thing : herself. « Lost Luggage » is a bittersweet story about finding solidarity, love and hope, even in the most difficult times.

When saving oneself takes more courage and strength than helping others


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Nathalie Basteyns, Kaat Beels


Tiny Bertels, Mathias Claeys, Charles De Weerdt, Michel Sabbe


Lara Chedraoui, Jeroen Van der Ven, Mattias Van de Vijvor, Isabelle Van Hecke, Elias Vandenbroucke

International Broadcasters

  • VRT (Belgium)
  • Arte (France)


De Mensen, Les Gens

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