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  • Drama
    • Comedy

Agnes is celebrating her son’s eighth birthday with her partner Adrien, when a new neighbor, Louis(e), moves into the house across the street. Louise is elegant and also, Agnes’ ex-husband. She left her seven years earlier to fulfill her true identity and become a woman. Today, Louis(e) is determined to win back her children’s  hearts. But things don’t turn out the way  she  had hoped . Her ex-wife and her kids treat her like a stranger who has no place in their lives.. Despite being rejected by her own family and despite the rumors and dirty looks, Louis(e) refuses to give in.

Whatever happens, she is willing to stand up and fight to prove that her transsexuality will not keep her from being a loving father capable of giving her family care and support.

Their father just became the girl next door.


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Arnauld Mercadier


Fabienne Lesieur et Thomas Perrier


Claire Nebout, Helena Noguerra, Jean-Michel Tinivelli, Arnaud Gidoin, Gavril Dartevelle, Zoé Garcia

International Broadcasters

  • TF1 (France)
  • Pluto TV (USA)



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