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In this tense, emotional and ratingswinningdrama, a determined mother turns detective to find her missing daughter. In June 2012, 17-year-old Julie vanished after leaving home in Bordeaux – and her mother, Suzanne, has been looking for her ever since. Despite being depressed and drowning her sorrows in alcohol, Suzanne never gave up hope that Julie was still alive. Then one day, she’s convinced
she spots Julie in a picture in an old newspaper and immediately sets off to a village hundreds of kilometres away, where the photo was taken. It’s the first real glimmer of hope in eight years.
She tracks down the photographer, and other pictures taken on that day confirm Julie’s presence in the village. But where is she now, and why are most of the villagers so unhelpful? Suzanne meets Anais, who’s wearing Julie’s bracelet, but before long she goes missing too. Is there a direct link to Julie’s disappearance? With the villagers increasingly hostile, pushes forward with her search, uncovering further disconcerting events.

Determination is a powerful strenght.


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Arnauld Mercadier


Négar Djavadi


Muriel Robin, Marilou Berry, Patrick Chesnais, Alexandra Vandernoot

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  • TF1 (France)


UGC Fiction

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