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The Bic pen, the K-way jacket, the pop-up tent, even the brassiere! All these inventions were made in France! Our jury will come together for a brand-new kind of competition where they try to find the newest clever idea, the next invention that’s going to make our daily lives easier and maybe even grow into a flourishing business.Straight-talking TV show host Valérie Damidot is the kind of savvy consumer we all hope to be. 26-year-old Paul Morlet is the visionary businessman who created “Glasses for All.” He upended the optical world with a brand-new concept: eyeglasses made on site in ten minutes, at a rock bottom price. A real pro who can rifle through hundreds of ideas and ferret out the great one. From Monday through Thursday, 
 Valérie Damidot and Paul Morlet will look at the creations of three inventors every day, doing their utmost to find that rare pearl, looking above all for: Originality: is the invention truly innovative? Usefulness: does the product really improve our daily lives?But the final criteria – customer satisfaction – will be judged by a panel of actual consumers! Would I buy it, or not? The inventors will have to win over real consumers, to win the competition. And the competition is going to be fierce, because every inventor is convinced they’ve got the best idea!Friday will be the grande finale, when the week’s four best inventions face off before a high-power jury: Léon-Claude Duhamel, the inventor of the K-way; Sandra Le Grand, the incredibly successful business woman who sold her company for several million euros; and Sébastien Forest, the founder of Allo Resto. Three brilliant business leaders who came up with the right idea at the right time and turned it into a great business!Which creator will manage to convince the final jury that their invention deserves the top prize? Which one of the week’s four finalists will be able to prove that their invention is more useful and more innovative than all the others? Who will be crowned this week’s top inventor and walk away with the 3,000-euro prize?!
Let's meet with your country's best inventors!


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