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Commissioning broadcaster

France 2

Program type

  • Drama
    • Scripted Format
    • Medical

Nina had to put her hopes of becoming a doctor on hold and interrupt her medical studies for 10 years, to raise her cancer-stricken daughter
Lily. But now Lily has been cured and 39-year-old Nina takes her life and career back in hand by accepting a job as a nurse at Madeleine Brès Hospital. There’s never a moment’s rest in the Internal Medicine Ward, where Nina wrestles with the disdain of her superiors. But she’s passionate about her work and refuses to kowtow to senior staff.

She could have been a doctor. She starts as a nurse.


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Nicolas Picard Dreyfuss, Eric Leroux, Adeline Darraux, Hervé Brami, Emmanuelle Dubergey


Alain Robillard, Thalia Rebinsky, Angèle Herry-Leclerc, Pierre-Yves Mora, Maïté Simoncini, Antonin Martin-Hilbert, Françoise Charpiat, Aude Marcle, Maxime Berthemy, Martin Douaire, France Cobert, Maïa Muller , Camille Couasse, Sarah Farkas, Winnie Vatimbela


Annelise Hesme, Thomas Jouannet, Nina Melo, Grégoire Bonnet, Alexia Barlier, Marie-Christine Adam, Jean-François Garreaud, Angèle Herry-Leclerc, Pierre-Yves Mora

International Broadcasters

  • Fox Life (Italy)
  • RTP2 (Portugal)
  • Globosat (Brazil)
  • RTBF (Belgium)
  • ITVN (Poland)
  • RTS (Switzerland)
  • Amazon Prime Video (France)
  • iTunes (France)
  • Ten Time (Middle East)


Barjac Production

Financial partners

Telfrance, Be-Films, RTBF, TV5 Monde, CNC

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