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Sami is 23. A good guy, adored by his parents, who’ve worked hard to give him the best life possible. A great life lies ahead for him, he just has to reach out and grab it. And then one night… everything goes haywire. An unfortunate chain of events and a bad hook-up. An alluring but tortured young woman who climbs into his car, asking only to go see the ocean and have sex with him. How can he turn her down? But Sami wakes up to a nightmare: she’s lying dead at his side, stabbed to death. Arrested for murder, Sami’s whole life falls apart, dragging his parents down with him. He’s thrown in prison, confined to a tiny cell awaiting trial. But fortunately Sami crosses paths with Isabelle Orville, a wry maverick attorney who takes on his case and becomes his only ally in this never-ending nightmare.

Adapted from BBC's "Criminal Justice"


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Jérémy Minui


Nicolas Clément, Clothilde Jamin


Mathilde Seigner, Sayyid El Alami, Jean-Pierre Darroussin

International Broadcasters

  • TF1 (France)


Beaubourg Stories, BBC Studio France

Financial partners


"Criminal Justice" produit par la BBC

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