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Owners and pets resembling each other physically is an old chestnut but is it always accurate? In this brand-new game show, a panel of celebrities tries to guess which pet belongs to which owner. Welcome to Like owner, like pet!

3 celebrity duos will have to pair 12 pets to their owners by helping them with clues and insight they will collect during 4 different game rounds.

In each round, they will raise money for the charity foundation they support by answering correctly. In the meantime, they will collect clues to make the right associations between pet and owner. They will have to trust their instinct and their deduction skills to match the biggest number of pet and owner and go to the final. The duo that accumulated the most money during the game wins access to the final to double their winnings.

Each round takes place under the supervision of a veterinary and his team of caregivers. They ensure the well-being of animals and give advice about pet’s health, nutrition, and behavior.

Will you find which animal belongs to who?


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