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In this distinctive and visually arresting series, set in the coldest town in France, we follow some of the country’s leading actors in a sublime mix of thriller and comedy. David Rousseau, a best-selling novelist with writer’s block, returns to his hometown of Mouthe to unravel the secrets surrounding his birth – and hopefully find inspiration for his work. Meanwhile, it looks like the town may have an art-loving serial killer who’s staging dead people to look like paintings. Rousseau gets embroiled in the investigation, much to the annoyance of local police officer, Louvetot, with events taking a dark turn when he discovers that Aurélie, a victim who survives, is obsessed with him and his work. After a breathless chase through France and Switzerland, with lots of twists and turns, Rousseau finally discovers the truth about his father and his inspiration returns. Containing gentle nods to FARGO and the Coen Brothers, this quirky, multi-layered story will startle and amuse in equal measure – and always keep viewers on tenterhooks.

Dead cold in Mouthe


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Gérald Hustache-Mathieu


Gérald Hustache-Mathieu


Jean-Paul Rouve, Guillaume Gouix, India Hair, Soliane Moisset

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247 Max

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Arte (France)

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