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P@ST FORWARD is a quirky, time-travelling comedy set in two parallel timeframes over 20 years apart. In 2022, 30-year-old Eliott, an ordinary salesman, writes to his first email address – from when he was ten – to check if it’s still available. He’s shocked when a reply comes from himself in 2001! As young Eliott listens to his older self’s advice and crazy requests in regular emails, he starts to change the future for friends and family, as well as alter the course of his own destiny. Young Eliott tells his parents he’s exchanging emails with his future self and gets sent to Dr Sax, a psychologist. Sax sees Eliott’s incredible ability to predict the future (everything from 9/11 to new technology) as an endless source of power and money. When Eliott tries to escape his clutches, he finds himself pointing a gun at Sax – both in 2001 and 2022. But which Eliott kills him? Back in 2022, Eliott finally establishes a happy new reality, and everything appears settled. That is until he receives a phone call…from himself in 2042!

Be careful what you wish for


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Frank Bellocq


Daive Cohen, Kev Adams, Frank Bellocq, Elodie Hesme


Kev Adams, Natacha Lindinger, Guillaume de Tonquédec, Eric Elmosnino, Alice David, Marilyn Lima, India de Almeida, Jérémie Déthelot

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TF1 (France)

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