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In March 2011, the winds of change sweeping through the Arab world blew across Syria. Driven by street protests, the Arab Spring held out the promise of a new era and the end of the Assad family’s decades-long rule. Among those hoping for a revolution, Syria’s women were at the fore. They let themselves dream of real change, hoping that the advent of democracy would bring greater freedoms in their highly conservative society. 10 years later, Syria is a black hole. A devastated country in total chaos: 500,000 people dead, millions of refugees, scores of martyred cities. In Idlib, throngs of women and children fleeing bombs bear witness to a conflict that continues to drag on endlessly.

From Aleppo to Ghouta, from Raqqa to Idlib, 4 women will share their stories, reliving them for us bolstered by rare one-of-a-kind documents. All 4 lived through the same hell: revolt, war, hunger, airstrikes, imprisonment, death, escape and exile. All 4 suffered the same losses: country, home, loved ones, and sometimes even children. And yet most have refused to give up hope, doing their best to build a new life and future for themselves.

From director Kamal Redouani (ISISLEAKS, INSIDE OUR ENEMIES’ LIFE).

From Aleppo to Ghouta, from Raqqa to Idlib, 4 women will share their stories.


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Kamal Redouani


Kamal Redouani


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