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REVIVAL combines a modern family drama with a gripping thriller to create a compelling series about the nature of family, its complex identities and its unspoken grief and ghosts. After waiting for a transplant, Florence learns that a heart is finally available.
The operation is a tremendous relief for the whole family, but it sets off a teenage crisis for her adopted daughter Zoé. Florence feels a burning need to know where her new heart came from and tracks down Simon, the adoptive father of Ana, aged 23, who supposedly died in a car crash.
However, Simon is convinced Ana was murdered and when Florence volunteers to help him investigate, partly in a bid to better understand her own adopted daughter, she pushes her husband away and her daughter into the arms of the main murder suspect. Travelling from France to Belgium with Simon, and desperate to keep ahead of the murderer and find the missing Zoé, Florence unwittingly intertwines the destinies of the two families.

Will the truth come out?

One heart. Two families forever linked.


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Franck Van Passel


Claire Lemaréchal


Claire Keim, Pierre-François Martin Laval, Jessyrielle Massengo, Kevin Janssens

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  • TF1 (France)


Léonis Productions

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