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He was startlingly handsome; she was gorgeous, bright and cheerful. She was Princess Sissi; he was The Leopard. He was French. She was German. And they were crazy in love. Like Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor, it was a huge movie star romance that was never far from the headlines and, also like Burton and Taylor, their relationship was characterised by its passionate and tumultuous nature.

It was a romance for its time, played out on and off-screen and marked the collective memory for a generation of people in Europe, despite them only being a couple for five years. Thanks to archive footage, photographs, and interviews with those who knew them best, our film explores their extraordinary relationship – which endured until Romy’s death – offering a truly intimate portrait of this legendary and iconic couple through their remarkable film careers in both Europe and Hollywood.

The intimate portrait of two icons forever in love.


Olivier Monssens



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