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  • Drama
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      • Strong Emotional Drama

(S)HE is the story of a transgender child named JuJu, a girl born into a boy’s body. With the onset of puberty, JuJu’s discomfort explodes. Our film follows a child’s struggle to get her parents and friends to accept her true gender, as she transitions from boy to girl. But in this tiny rural town, where everyone knows everyone else, it’s an impossible challenge. Juju will have to move in with her mother while her parents break up.

JuJu becomes Juliette, and sings in a rock band at her new high school. With everyone seeing her as a girl, she starts to blossom. But as her popularity grows, social networking sites rekindle the nightmare she thought she’d left behind…

2021 Luchon Festival Awards for Best Actress (Andréa Furet) and Best Screenplay (Catherine Ramberg and Thomas Boullé).

The story of a girl born into a boy's body


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Clément Michel


Catherine Rambert et Thomas Boullé


Andréa Furet, Odile Vuillemin, Jonathan Zaccaï

International Broadcasters

  • TF1 (France)


And So On Films

Financial partners


« BARRICADES » de Charlotte Bousquet et Jaypee.

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