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Before he was killed by an American drone strike in early January, most people in the West had never even heard of him. But in the Middle East, the mere mention of the name Qassim Soleimani sparks either absolute terror… or boundless admiration. He was the relentless architect of the “Axis of Resistance,” an Iranian power projection strategy that enabled Teheran’s mullahs to control the “Shiite Crescent. Rarely, at any time in history, has a man working in the shadows wielded such great influence on the geopolitics of an entire region and the overall world balance.

The life of General Soleimani – a brilliant strategist, wily politician, master spy and bloodthirsty killer – is the tale of 40 years chock-full of upheaval, wars, dirty tricks and secret diplomatic maneuvering. The burning question now is… will Soleimani’s work live on? In Iraq, young people are condemning Iran as an occupying force. In Lebanon, dominated by the pro-Iranian Hezbollah party, people are crying out for change. Even in Teheran, Iranians are calling the government to account after a passenger jet was brought down by missiles fired by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.

The regime is wobbling, and Soleimani isn’t there to bolster it up. The liquidation of the Iranian general could dramatically change the entire Middle East. This current affairs documentary throws light on these burning high-stakes issues.

Iran's strategist.


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Magali Serre


Magali Serre


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