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Until he was killed during an American drone strike in January 2020, most people in the West had never heard of him. But, in the Middle East, the name Qassim Soleimani sparked sheer terror – or abject admiration. He was the ruthless architect of the “Axis of Resistance,” an Iranian power strategy that enabled Teheran’s mullahs to control the “Shiite Crescent,” and an extremely rare example of how a man in the shadows wielded enormous influence over the geopolitics of an entire region. His actions impacted the world balance. The life of General Soleimani – brilliant strategist, politician, master spy and bloodthirsty killer – is a 40-year tale of upheaval, wars, dirty tricks, and secret maneuvers. Now, as the regime becomes increasingly unstable without its founder, how does his death dramatically change the Middle East?

We’ll investigate how the death of the most powerful man in Iran continues to affect the entire Middle East.


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Magali Serre


Magali Serre


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