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France Télévisions, RTBF (Télévision Belge)

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  • Drama
    • Procedural / Police
    • Drama

Biarritz, 2019. When a young woman’s body is discovered on the Basque Coast, the police suspect a crime of passion. But Audrey, the attorney for the victim’s family, is convinced the woman was killed by a murderer known as Itsas: a serial killer who was active in the region in the early 2000s, then dropped off the radar.
There’s good reason for Audrey’s suspicions: she had a run-in with Itsas 16 years earlier. In fact, she’s the only woman who ever got away from him. But Audrey lied to the police to cover-up a stupid teenage mistake, and got caught up in a spiral of lies that has had tragic consequences. Now Audrey is determined to stop Itsas and do her best to right the wrongs.

Face the waves from the past.


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Frédéric Berthe


Bénédicte Charles, Olivier Pouponneau


Camille Lou, Thierry Neuvic

International Broadcasters

  • France 2
  • RTBF Belgium


UGC Fiction

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