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How do you grow up into a well-functioning adult, when you are uprooted time and time again? It’s a bitter dilemma that 12-year-old Achille knows all too well. After ten happy years, the young boy is torn from his foster family and sent to live with strangers. Meanwhile, his mother is trying desperately to regain custody of her son. Romain, the child welfare worker in charge of Achille’s case, will fi ght hard to protect the hapless youngster and help him get through the painful new ordeals that lie ahead.

How do you grow up when you are uprooted time and time again?


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Didier Bivel


Sabrina Compeyron, Olivier Gorce


Maxime Bergeron, Michaël Youn, Manon Azem, Armelle Deutsch, Fauve Hautot, Vincent Heneine

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  • TF1 France


UGC Fiction

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