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Written by Mathieu Missoffe (SPIRAL, CRIMINAL) and adapted from Franck Thilliez’s international bestseller, SYNDROME E is a richly plotted, edge-of-your-set thriller that artfully brings together the very best in crime and sci-fi drama. Frank Sharko is a brooding, loner cop who lost his family in a terrorist attack. He’s particularly struggling to get over the death of daughter Eugenie, who appears to him in taunting visions.

At work, he’s currently investigating a mysterious case of missing children and a disturbing 1960s movie that spurs people who watch it to commit bizarre and dangerous acts. Detective Lucie Henebelle is a single mom who joins forces with Sharko after realising that events in her own past could be tied to his case. The beleaguered inspectors search for answers on an adrenalinefueled journey across three continents, from France to Canada to Morocco, shedding light on dark and troubling scientific experiments.

A thrilling dive into the realm of mind control.


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Laure de Butler


Mathieu Missoffe


Vincent Elbaz, Emmanuelle Béart, Jennifer Decker, Dominique Blanc

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  • TF1 (France)


Escazal Films

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Adapted from Franck Thilliez’s international bestseller

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