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Tiny, tough, and incredibly cute, tardigrades are creatures that have always fascinated scientists. And more recently, thanks to being featured in ANT MAN and STAR TREK, these microscopic, less-than-a-millimetre monsters are looming large with the public. Tardigrades are everywhere, from Himalayan peaks to ocean trenches; they’ve been sent into orbit by NASA and been boiled, frozen and irradiated by scientists. But they always survive. Now, thanks to new advances in microscopy imaging at laboratories around the world, this mysterious and hardy creature is beginning to reveal its secrets. Scientists are making startling discoveries about their lives – everything from social activities to ferocious hunting techniques – with some of these findings potentially paving the way for future breakthroughs in human medicine. This extraordinary documentary uses images captured by electron microscopy, graphically enhanced for animation, to plunge into the bizarre and biologically extreme world of this curious creature unlike any other.

A big dive into a tiny world full of surprises


Raphaël Hitier



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