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Maxime Gauthier is a hardboiled bachelor who has carefully sidestepped fatherhood. But he did donate sperm to a fertility clinic, prodded by a couple of friends trying to speed up their IVF treatment. One day as Maxime is having sex with a new conquest, his brother William’s pet ferret bites him in the testicles, performing an irreversible vasectomy. Maxime suddenly realizes he can never have children. And he can’t even get his sperm back, because sportscaster Lisa Barrot used it to conceive her first child with her soon-to-be husband, Benoit.

Maxime tries to meet Lisa to explain his dilemma but ends up accidentally injuring her, making Lisa determined to steer clear of him. Maxime uses every trick in the book, gradually worming his way into the life of the mother of his future child. As Lisa and Maxime get closer, he shares his darkest secret with her: he and the love of his life were talking about having a child when she crashed their car and was killed.

Lisa confesses her own worries about being a good mother, which she can’t share with Benoit, who’s already troubled about becoming a father by proxy. Lisa and Maxime grow very close, even though she’s gearing up to get married and Maxime never discloses he’s her sperm donor. Eager to see them get even closer, William starts following Benoit and discovers he’s cheating on Lisa. Maxime rushes over to tell her, but finds Lisa dressed in her wedding gown and wavers. They are interrupted by an angry Benoit, who’s upset over their close bond. Maxime finally breaks down and spills the truth. Seeing the face of his future child’s biological father is too much for Benoit, who tells Lisa he’s seeing someone else and breaks things off with her.

Making matters worse for Lisa, she finds out Maxime isn’t even her donor, and he only cozied up to her out of self interest. She refuses to have anything to do with Maxime, until he masters his own fears and climbs into Lisa’s car to confess how much he loves her. And it doesn’t matter one bit if he is their child’s biological father… or not!


Thomas Sorriaux


Christelle Parlanti, Stephane Ribeiro


Mathieu Madénian, Claire Keim

International Broadcasters

  • TF1 (France)


Kader Aoun Production

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