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The Flying Squirrels are five teenagers, best friends, students and street ball fans living in Dragon City. When an old pirate map falls into their hands, they discover there is an ancient treasure hidden in the depths of the desert. A sacred chest that gives all the power in the universe to the one who opens it. But the mafia boss who controls the city, a huge corporation that seeks for world domination and an ambitious journalist are also after the treasure. With the help of Muyi San, one member of an ancient tribe that ensures the balance of nature’s forces, the Flying Squirrels discover they have pirate blood and are the chosen to get the sacred chest. They must face dangerous adventures and defeat their enemies to achieve their goal. But nevertheless… which of them is worthy to be trusted with the secret of limitless power?

Supported by the famous NBA player Pau Gasol


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Martin Guido, Vanvelvet, Alex Lopez


Martin Guido


International Broadcasters

  • TF1 (France)


Magoproduction, Televisió de Catalunya, Symbiosys Tech and Apapacho Films

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D'après une idée originale de Muyi Neira

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