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Butcha, Irpin, Izium… as Russian troops withdraw from the freed towns and cities, the world gets a glimpse of the horrors inflicted: mass graves, mutilated bodies and flattened neighbourhoods. With incredible access and the help of eyewitness testimony, this startling investigative documentary exposes the savagery unleashed in Ukraine and provides a deep dive into the abuses by tracking down the perpetrators. Who are the men who committed these crimes? Did they act alone? And were they carrying out orders or driven by organised, collective thinking? In addition, it tracks the victims’ fight to end impunity for war crimes by following Ukrainian officials and local NGO representatives working to ensure justice is served. With the war still raging, this heavy-hitting, relevant and vital film also seeks an answer to a complex question: What is Moscow’s end goal in this conflict?

Fighting against impunity


Manon Loizeau, Ksenia Bolchakova



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