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  • French
  • Italian
  • Castilian

Commissioning broadcaster

France 3

Program type

  • Drama
    • Scripted Format
    • Procedural / Police

After being wrongfully imprisoned due to a judicial error, Constance Mayer decides to try a new career path. At the age of fifty, the former farmer earns a law degree and moves to Marseille to clerk for the highly demanding judge Frédéric Filiponi. Constance is a bubbly and energetic woman who doesn’t hold back, bringing a fresh perspective to the cases the duo takes on. She draws the ire of her colleagues at the courthouse, who think she has a chip on her shoulder. But Constance’s empathetic nature and untraditional approach turn the clerkship into a mutual learning experience, as her novel investigation methods and humane approach force Filiponi to step outside his comfort zone.

Learn. Investigate. Judge.


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Olivier Barma, Christophe Campos


Isabel Sebastian, Laurent Burtin


Michèle Bernier, Arié Elmaleh, Philippe Lelièvre, Jeanne Lambert, Clément Moreau

International Broadcasters

  • Fox Crime (Italy)
  • RTS (Switzerland)
  • RTBF (Belgium)
  • Amazon Prime Video (France)
  • iTunes (France)
  • NBC Universal (ex Yugoslavia)
  • LNK (Lithuania)
  • RTP (Portugal)
  • Paramount (Spain)
  • Salto (France)



Financial partners

RTBF, RTS, CNC, AT Productions, Région PACA

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