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  • Drama
    • Procedural / Police

On the day after Christmas 1999, with a vicious storm pummeling Europe, 11-year-old Charlotte Meyer vanishes without a trace in the heart of the Landes region. Police captain Pierre Castaing is tapped to head the investigation. Deeply shaken by his failure to find the little girl, Castaing becomes ostracized from the community as his own family falls apart. 20 years later, his daughter picks up the investigation in order to clear his name.

Created by Anne Landois (Emmy Awards winner series Spiral), directed by Laure De Butler (Profiling) and starring Sofia Essaïdi (In the Shadow of the Killer), Olivier Marchal (Braquo, The 36) and Lorànt Deutsch (Humans, No Second Chance).

47M cumulated viewers in France! From the creators of Emmy Award-Winner Spiral.


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Laure de Butler


Anne Landois


Sofia Essaïdi, Olivier Marchal, Lorant Deutsch, Elisa Ezzedine, Irina Muluile, Oscar Copp, Guy Lecluyse

International Broadcasters

  • TF1 (France)


Sortilèges Productions

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