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16-year-old Lea lives in a nice, suburban home East of Paris with her parents and younger siblings. She’s a self-assured teen who does well in school and loves to dance. But when her overly strict parents try to curb her social life, Lea runs away from home. She winds up in the wrong place at the wrong time, getting tangled up with a shady rap duo. Lea falls hard for the rapper Nico, the way only a young girl can.

An unstoppable downward spiral is set in motion, turning Lea’s life into a living hell. Her parents are initially blindsided, but quickly realize their lovestruck daughter has fallen under Nico’s thumb. How can they pry her away from him? But Lea insists she’s free to do whatever she likes with her life and body, and starts prostituting herself to get the money she and Nico need to chase their dreams. But she’s caught up with a bad crowd and ends up being manipulated and abused. Blinded by love, Lea plunges into a horrific downward slide she is powerless to stop.

THE RUNAWAY is the story of a teenage girl who stumbles into a living hell but manages to climb back out, thanks to loving parents who never give up on her.

Strong consolidated ratings on TF1, with an average of 4.3 MILLIONS viewers, 28 % on the marketing target and 27 % on the 15-24


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Jérôme Cornuau


Jérôme Cornuau


Romane Jolly, Michaël Youn, Sylvie Testut

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  • TF1 (France)



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"Fugueuse" produit par Encore Télévision pour TVA

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