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Maitena Biraben goes out to meet children and parents all around the globe. Her world tour gives viewers a look at how children are being raised, giving us a preview of the future of mankind and the world in which our children will be living when they grow up; As she talks with “her son’s buddies” and their parents, Maitena Biraben will also take an inquisitive and entertaining look at our modern-day world.With her reporter’s gaze, her experiences as a woman, and her constant questioning as a mother, Maitena will explore human society on the five continents of the globe.

Destinations : Bali, Qatar, Japan.

A surprising journey through “humankind,” on a planet where 260,000 new earthlings come into the world every day!


Maïtena Biraben, Alexis Marant


Maïtena Biraben, Alexis Marant


International Broadcasters

  • ERT (Greece)
  • Telecom (Italia)


Capa Presse

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Planète+, Canal+ Horizons, RTBF, CNC

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