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Timely and topical, this must-see documentary provides a fascinating context to Russia’s war with Ukraine and examines Vladimir Putin’s desperate pursuit of power. Using potent excerpts from the four hour speech Putin gave to justify his February 2022 invasion, combined with interviews from a range of people opposed to the Russian offensive in Ukraine, including soldiers, politicians, and intellectuals, we’ll hear fresh perspectives and gain new insights to the situation.

We’ll consider the countless lies and previous geopolitical gains, through the annexation of Crimea and occupation  of Donbass, that have been used to establish Putin’s legitimacy. And we’ll question why, if Ukraine is as Russian as he claims, is he, as guardian of the “Russian soul”, so intent on using weapons to crush a brother people?  Putin’s a man on a mission, aiming to restore the “Great Russia” to claim his place in the history books. Could a Ukraine intent on sovereignty and with a proud identity now asserted for all the world to see, finally be his undoing?

Fighting Moscow's Dictate.


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Ksenia Bolchakova et Philippe Lagnier



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