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1980 : DC9 from Itavia Cie leaves Bologna with 81 passengers. One hour later the planes crashes and disappears forever in the sea near the Italian island of Ustica.

Since then…35 years of manipulations, aborted investigations where governments, militaries and secret services of 4 countries (Italy, France, United States and Libya) seem to have only one target: to hide the truth.
First to be suspected: France, as decided to end up with Kadhafi, was in the area the day of the crash. It is a French ground missile who would have caused the death of those civilians.
Who lied and why? Which geopolitical issues are hiding behing this tragedy?

A deep investigation into one of the major states lies…

A state secret hidden for 30 years.


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Emmanuel Ostian


Emmanuel Ostian


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  • ITI Neovision (Poland)
  • Canal 2 (Cameroon)


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