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In this moving and inspiring film, already featured in several independent film festivals, four people on the edge of the world, on the fringes of society, will each have an earth-shattering encounter. Four souls, wandering aimlessly without a future, will each find a source of hope. Jo and Faustine are like two worlds that collide: poverty vs opulence, illiteracy vs culture. One young woman in dire straits lives in her car, while the other, an aspiring writer, is fleeing her family and consumer society. Jo is an explosion of emotions and stories, and Faustine may very well be the pen that will put them to paper. Soha and Anastasia are two lonely young people, damaged by life and drugs, who run into each other and can’t seem to part company. Hand-in-hand, they pull themselves out of the past and try to exist in the present.

Will they return to their old habits, or will they find in friendship and love the strength they need to build a “normal” life?

Finding hope at the edge of the world.


Philippe Dajoux


Philippe Dajoux


Pauline Bression, Aurélie Reinhorn, Marysole Fertard

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Lily and Lola Studios

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