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The Auguste Armand Institute is one of France’s top culinary schools. Excellence, precision and discipline are the mantras of this renowned establishment run by a team of talented and respected professionals. Complicated romantic entanglements, bitter rivalries and terrible betrayals will also play out in this closed-off world. But for Maxime Delcourt and the rest of the prestigious school’s students, the end goal is clear: becoming France’s future Michelin-starred chefs. And they won’t let anything stop them from getting there!

It takes determination to become France's future Michelin-starred chef.


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Christophe Barraud, Sébastien Perroy, Lionel Delhaye, Thierry Peythieu, Jean Marc Therin, Pascale Guerre


Eric Führer, Othman Mahfoud, Coline Assous


Clément Rémiens, Vanessa Demouy, Frédéric Diefenthal, Francis Huster, Elsa Lunghini, Catherine Marchal, Agustin Galiana, Bruno Putzulu, Azize Diabaté, Terence Telle, Benjamin Baroche, Aurélie Pons, Lucia Passaniti, Julie Sassoust

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  • TF1 (France)


Telsète, TF1

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