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An invisible yet vital force for life on planet Earth, wind has inspired countless myths in civilizations past and present. Wind keeps oceans oxygenated, steers the movement of insect and avian populations, shapes the plant world, influences transportation, and provides an inexhaustible energy source. By turns dry, humid, hot, cold, calm, or violent, wind can be both beneficial and devastating. Wind imposes its will, wherever it blows. Our world has thousands of different winds, each with its own unique characteristics. Combining geography, history, human adventure, and science, our series tracks the pathways of five symbolic winds: the Mistral of Southern France, the Chinook winds of the Rockies, the North Atlantic trade winds, the Sirocco winds of North Africa, and India’s monsoons with help from men and women who study, depend on, fear, or delight in the world’s most famous winds.

Discover the legendary winds


Hervé by Herlé, Stéphane Bégoin, Elena Sender, Alexis Barbier Bouvet



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