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  • Fiction
    • Drame

In order to solve the brutal murder of a young, German surfer, two police officers are secretly deployed to the tourist paradise of Hvide Sande on the Jutlandic west coast. No one in the town trusts the police, so they have to come across as a happy married couple from the big city moving to the North Sea coast to start a new life. The two police officers are the Dane Helene, who is an expert in undercover work, and Danish-German Thomas, who is a homicide detective from Hamburg. They quickly come to realize that being credible in the roles of husband and wife isn’t easy when you’re used to being alone.
But as they get closer to the small town’s residents and circumstances, hidden connections and old wounds, they also get closer to each other and feel their own emotions awakening from their slumber.

Fake Couple. Real Cops.


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Tilde Harkamp


A.J. Kazinski


Carsten Bjørnlund, Marie Bach Hansen

Diffuseurs internationaux

  • TV2 Denmark


Deluca Films, TV2 Denmark

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